DMCA Terms and Abuses



Policy “” is based on full compliance with laws about applicable laws, speaking about the protection of intellectual property (17 U.S.C. 512 and DMCA). We have top priority which is fully comply DMCA, and others relevant laws, which says about the protection of intellectual property, which emphasize the full cooperation of and response to any violation of intellectual property rights or breach of the notification.
If you found your data, which is protected by the intellectual property law, placed on the ““. If you had seen any links posted on the “” lead to the author data, and you want to delete them, please don’t delay and contact us by email: link. We will remove it immediately after receiving your notice.
Please be so kind and wait for our reply by e-mail within two weekdays. Also, know that sending your appeal to a third party, such as our internet company or any other organization may delay our answer, due to the fact that the appeal was not filled correctly.